VoL. 99 Redecorate this spring.

VoL. 99 Re decora esta primavera.

With the arrival of spring, the decoration and style of the home can be renewed, only by incorporating different fabrics, colors or fabrics that will refresh the place and at a lower cost.

It is not always necessary to reupholster an armchair or sofa to obtain a new look; adding small details such as cushions or accessories can also achieve this goal.

1. Plain and printed

Taking this spring's trends into consideration, you can add a couple of cushions with floral prints, stripes or bright, vivid colors to the living room sofa made of plain fabrics. These 2 elements will make a great visual complement.

2. Textures

Mix different fabrics with completely different textures in textile accessories such as a table runner, a blanket with some gradient or jasper, cushions with flat fabrics and different thicknesses of thread.

3. Inspiration in nature

You can use textiles with compositions or a certain percentage of natural fibers such as linen or cotton, as it will help make the environment fresher and brighter. Also, if you add decorative elements to the space such as a plant, flower or if you apply bright colors, they will liven up the home.

4. Play with pastel and bright tones

The colors that will be in trend this season, as mentioned in the previous blog, will be pastels, since being soft and bright tones they offer tranquility and freshness in the place.

It is not necessary to have a complete sofa, simply adding a touch to a cushion, piece of furniture, a painting, vase or any other decoration will be ideal for this season.

5. Furniture

Refinishing and varnishing some wooden furniture at home with an older lifespan, it is always an excellent option to renew it from time to time to give it a newer and fresher appearance. Above all, this spring choose to apply lighter and more natural colors so that the space looks modern and lively.

What renovation will be applied this season in your home?

Author | Jimena Chavez

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