Vol. 98 Spring 2023 Trends

Vol. 98 Tendencias de primavera 2023

Spring has arrived and it can be a good time to give strength and energy to a certain space with the following spring 2023 trends.

1.Pastel tones

Despite the years, this range of colors continues to be one of the favorites for home decoration, as they provide a cheerful, fresh, elegant and clean appearance, especially if bright pinks, yellows, purples and blues are applied to furniture, cushions and some decorations.

If what you want to achieve is a more relaxing than stimulating environment, soft pastels should be combined with warm neutral tones to obtain this result.

2.Sunset Tones

Warm colors such as orange, terracotta, very intense reds and touches of pink will be extremely important for home decoration and furniture.

These bright and organic tones have a great commercial forecast this year, because they are easy to combine with other materials and techniques such as glass, ceramics, textiles and some metals that allow us to provide accents, especially in golden, bronze and rose gold nuances. .

Thanks to this, it offers a lively, accessible and bright appearance to any place.

3. Floral prints

Floral decoration is known to have always been a timeless trend, because as its name says, despite the years it will always be in fashion no matter what time it is.

This type of texture provides freshness, calm and harmony to any space or object. In addition, they are very easy to combine with any plain and provide an accent to any textile.

4. Shiny materials

As mentioned in the previous blog, using ceramic or colored glass with shiny lacquer will be the fashion for this year, since having metallic aspects in a vase or stool can add more light to the environment.

5. Green as a neutral color

Ashy and duller greens will become essential for indoor and outdoor products. These tones can range from pistachio or olive green to intense pine and will be a new alternative to replace neutral colors.

6. Nature as an icon for prints

Flora and fauna will be used as a source of inspiration to create textile prints. You will notice some elements such as birds, birds, plants, fruits, colorful insects with different shapes.

What trend will our users apply this season?

Author | Jimena Chavez

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