Vol. 97 Key materials for 2023

Vol. 97 Materiales clave para el 2023

For product designers, furniture makers, interior designers and decorators it is extremely important to know the materials that will be trending this year, because without this they will not be able to create places, furniture or accessories for their clients.

Given this, WGSN was asked about the most relevant materials that will define the design of products and spaces in 2023.


One of the favorites of the majority. Since, consumers are looking for more ecological and environmentally beneficial alternatives, be it recovered industrial waste or wood from local businesses.

Also, sawdust, a dust that comes out when cutting wood mixed with binders and mineral resin, begins to be used to create furniture, without the need to cut down more trees.


Low-impact materials that are reusable are undoubtedly an alternative that users want to purchase today.

There are already companies that are beginning to implement this type of elements in certain products. For example, Italian brand Natuzzi is creating rugs made of paper with qualities and characteristics similar to linen fiber. Others are using cork as the main material in interior design to create objects for living spaces.


Reusing and reinventing raw materials to obtain new results will be the new trend with the greatest potential for the world of design, as it allows certain materials to have a more useful second life.

This year, rubber, waste or scraps of textiles are the materials selected par excellence for the manufacture of furniture and home decorations.

However, sustainable materials or ecological alternatives are not only the main topic of the blog, but it also provides different information and other trends for 2023, as it is known that sustainable alternatives have a higher cost and are not as easy to acquire. .

Given this, other key elements coming this year will be presented below.


Stainless steel will have an important role in 2023, because its simplicity, practicality, durability and its futuristic vision allow it to be timeless, comfortable and very combinable.

In addition, another metal that will occupy a central role will be aluminum, whether in laminates, furniture or mirror finishes.

Definitely, if what you are looking for is a contrast but that integrates other elements and gives elegance to the place, this trend will allow that desired objective to be achieved.


Glossy ceramic and blown glass coatings and varnishes on decorative objects and furniture will be vital this season, as they will add contrast to flat surfaces and complement plain fabrics.

Likewise, in bathroom furniture or cabinet doors, if this type of finish or material is added, it will offer an appearance and warmth to the site.


Gradients, translucent tones, coatings and motifs inspired by the digital world are some of the effects that are being added to physical spaces.

Having different materials, textures and finishes, even if you only have one color, can create attractive and interesting places.


Marble and stone in recent years have aroused the interest of consumers, given that the appearance of an object or space makes it visually perceived as sophisticated and elevated at an affordable cost.

In addition, it provides a contrast of different textures, thus causing striking places.

 Author | Jimena Chavez  

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."


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