Like every year, FORMATEX was present at the INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE EXPO, from February 15 to 18, 2023; leading furniture and decoration fair in Latin America, in which new trends in design, furniture, decoration, lighting, accessories and more are presented.

Being within this allows you to boost sales and promote the company with different suppliers, manufacturers and furniture marketers.

This year our exhibition was different, an innovative and impressive stand was created composed of three different sections, the first being the focal point was the Photographic Spot, to its left the PERFORMANCE FABRICS laboratory and on the right side was the exhibition of the new line February 2023 in addition to an information section to facilitate the visit to the Cariñito Showroom.

The photographic Spot

Without a doubt one of the favorite areas of Expo visitors, where clients, buyers and visitors were able to enter the stand to take photographs. Made up of a waterfall of fabrics, and finishing with our logo in Neon on 6 acrylic boxes filled with woven fabric scraps made by ourselves.


This was located on the left side of the stand and had the function of demonstrating the smart fabrics that Formatex has, such as REVOLUTION, REVOLUTION OUTDOOR, RECYCLE AND C-FREE, the latter with carbon-free finishes.

The dynamic was of utmost importance, since it allowed the viewer to visualize the technology of the fabrics and experiment with the market's favorite products, thanks to the easy removal of stains and the zero absorption of liquid in the textiles.

Exhibition of the new line

This area was located on the right side of the stand, with a coordinate of the new collection, February 2023, displayed from floor to ceiling simulating a long curtain, making it visually more attractive.

At the end it had a black wall and a screen with information about the articles and a live broadcast about the experience of the exact moment of the events of the CARIÑITO SHOW ROOM.


Located in the Margot building, Av. de las Rosas #1297, the new line was unveiled here, with specialized attention from all the vendors in CDMX, Monterrey and Guadalajara, offering an attractive breakfast and lunch menu so that Customers will taste and learn about new trends at the same time.

The proximity of Café Cariñito and the location of the Expo allowed around 300 to 350 users and new clients to attend and enjoy a unique coexistence in the Showroom.

Upon entering, on the esplanade there was an armchair made by one of our clients decorated with cushions made with our fabrics.

The place inside was decorated with the new February 2023 line, cushions, books, samples and racks displaying jacquard, sweet, boucles, velvets among others. In the center of the place was the drinks bar and the food buffet so that everyone who attended could taste and enjoy while being shown the new line.

This new line has approximately 40 to 60 fabrics and you can find new colors such as a range of camel colors, as well as textures and fabrics such as jacquards. Boucles and sweets. One of the most successful fabrics in the entire expo was the Glow (a boucle with chenille) and the Forever (a very elegant sweet). On the other hand, new models of RECYCLE fabrics were integrated, made with more than 30% recycled fibers from plastic bottles, which have properties such as water repellent, antimicrobial and stain resistance.

FORMATEX thanks all our clients for choosing us, exhibiting our fabrics on their furniture within the stand. Thanks to all of you we had an estimated presence of 70% to 75% at different points of the expo.

Likewise, we thank Moblaje magazine for collaborating with us on its new edition.

We hope to continue being part of your companies and projects next year!

Author | Jimena Chavez  

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."


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