Vol. 95 Summary and analysis of trade fairs.

Vol. 95 Resumen y análisis de ferias comerciales.

At the end of 2022 and in this first month of 2023, different trade fairs have been held with the best products and trends that are to come for the world of interior design.

It is complicated and not feasible to attend each and every one of them. However, thanks to various digital platforms it is possible to know what happened and what was exposed on them.

There are several key points that were observed in them. The main and most repetitive ones were comfort within a space, fun, the prominence of textures and shapes, and the importance of cozy but luxurious or glamorous places.

Below, the essential trends will be presented, examined by visitors and experts on the subject.

1.-Contemporary curves

    Cave-inspired designs evolve with a more organic, clean and contemporary look. These will be a key point for decoration objects such as furniture and lighting, since the curved and pure lines cause comfort, aesthetics and quality.

    It was mainly noticed in chairs, sofas, lamps, coffee and dining tables.

    2.- Cozy glamor

      Consumers seek to elevate luxury and improve their spaces through objects and interior items.

      The glam trend enjoys a cozy and comforting update, through softened shapes and a luxurious feel.

      It was realized that soft, hairy and plush fabrics such as velvets and boucles were the textiles par excellence, as they provide convenience, comfort and luxury in the same object. They were mostly accompanied by wavy and curved furniture, lampshades and walls covered in these fabrics.

      3.- Improved comfort

      A term that was constantly talked about at various stands was “clothing for furniture” as its translation in Spanish means, sweaters for furniture.” But what do they mean by this?

      They are different accessories for furniture style jackets or sweaters, that is, covers that cover the base of the furniture with another fabric, be it a blanket, leather or another textile, and can be removable.

      The function of this is to provide comfort, give personality, soften and personalize certain places.

      4.- Expressive accents

      Decorative accessories, rugs, side tables and small items that offer an easy, striking and accessible shape, attracted a lot of attention from consumers and visitors.

      Spiral rugs with bold prints and textures, sculpted lamps, donut-shaped mirrors, spherical or curved sculptures are a good touch to get the touch of personality and highlight personal tastes.

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