Vol. 68 Up the roll

Vol. 68 Up the roll

Forma textil S de RL de CV7/25/22

In blog 51 the term railroaded in fabrics was explained and why it is so important to know the orientation of the threads or drawings in a fabric. However, many of you have been asking about other types of fabrics that have up the roll characteristics.

The good news is that in this blog we will talk about the meaning and difference of both terms, so that when making your purchase or acquiring a textile you notice this particularity and there are no errors when producing a product.

Just like railroaded , up the roll is a term commonly used to indicate what direction a fabric has or where its patterns are directed in relation to the selvedge, that is, the edge of the fabric.

But what does this word mean?

It means that the pattern will be directed from top to bottom vertically on the roll, parallel to the edge from left to right. Additionally, it has an uninterrupted vertical length, limited by the width of the fabric.

Commonly used for curtains, as fabrics that are on the roll are often great for window projects since the yardage is based on the standard length of the window.


On some occasions they are also used for bedding such as duvets, sheets, pillowcases, among others. Of course, avoiding horizontal seams in these.

We hope that this blog has been helpful in differentiating these terms, railroaded and up the roll to avoid mistakes when buying fabrics or when manufacturing a product with them.

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Author I Jimena Chávez

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