Vol. 67 Decorate your house for this summer.

Vol. 67 Decora tu casa para este verano.

Are you going through unbearable moments of heat? Well, it's time to say goodbye to blankets and fleece fabrics because summer has arrived.

In this week's blog we will talk about how we can decorate and adapt your home or a space a little more into something cooler to avoid being overheated.

Where to start? Well, below we will mention some tips to improve the atmosphere of that hot space.

1.-Add plants

Use several plants as decoration, as they will provide freshness and luminosity to your home. They can be small planters or in larger pots.

Remember not to go overboard with these, you don't want to be surrounded by a forest or a jungle in your house.

2.-Goodbye to carpets

Eliminate all rugs, since these create a hotter environment and are not very cool. Instead, replace them with natural jute or henequen fiber rugs and you will notice the difference in temperature and comfort for these seasons.

3.-Save the blankets and blankets

Opt for lighter fabrics instead of using fleece or other heavier fabrics to decorate the sofa or when covering up at night, preferably cotton or percale.

4.-Clear the windows

Purchase one of our tergales instead of thick and conventional curtains, this way you will allow airflow and natural light to enter the room throughout the day.

5.-Fresh textiles

Use light and fresh fabrics for the furniture, we advise you to have mainly linen or cotton, because they allow perspiration and air passage. At all costs avoid buying vinyl, leather or leather, as this will cause more heat and sweating.

6.-White Color

Use light, toasted tones and of course the classic white, since in addition to expanding a space it will generate a colder space. Feel free to use this on walls, furniture and especially whites, meaning duvets, sheets or any household linen.

7.-Add centerpieces

Natural fiber baskets, vases and natural or dried flowers with water will help create a fresh environment. Get rid of books and candles and put them away for the winter.

We know that it is impossible to change all the household items every season, but it is important to add decorative touches to make a room more comfortable, attractive and adapt to the needs of the moment.

Tell us, you who add or change every summer in your house to add freshness and comfort.

Author | Jimena Chavez

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