Vol. 66 Animal Print.

Vol. 66 Animal Print.

Animal prints are returning to this era in decoration and interior design, as much more subtle and easy-to-combine ones are created every day.

We know that several of you are afraid of this type of print, especially when you want to apply it in an elegant and timeless way. But don't worry, this blog is precisely to get out of that comfort zone and learn a little better about the different uses that these have.

Animal prints are patterns that provide accent or contrast in the home environment.
It is important to know how to mix these with plain fabrics or solid colors , because combining them in a strategic and sober way, adds a powerful style to any room and without generating too much visual attention.

If you are a person who does not like prints of this type much and much less intense color tones, you can start using more natural and earthy colors with smaller and more repetitive patterns.

You can even play with the sizes of the drawing, that is, you can have cushions with small and large prints.

Likewise, if nuanced looks are your preferred option, you can have a space with solid colors and add a bright animal pattern print or a neutral color to give character and highlight it.
This way will also help if you are looking to give a sophisticated and modern appearance to your home decoration.

Now, a question you are probably asking yourself is, can this type of fabric be mixed with other prints?

The answer is yes. However, great care must be taken when doing this, as it is important that both textiles combine instead of competing. So, keep in mind that the colors should match the same intensity of the animal print and likewise, the patterns should have a similar scale.

To keep the power and prominence of animal prints at a respectful and ideal level, we recommend remembering the rule of “less is more”. Of course, if you want to apply these types of prints all over a site for an impact factor and give it your own style that is fine, just remember to do everything in measure to avoid excess visual attention.

And how many types of animal prints do you have in your home?

Author | Jimena Chavez

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