Vol. 45 The right and wrong side of a fabric.

Vol. 45 El derecho y revés de una tela.

Many of you have been asking in recent weeks for a blog about the wrong side and right side of fabrics. So, don't worry anymore, because today we will tell you how to identify them.

In some fabrics it is much easier to distinguish which is which. For example, in figures, prints and even finishes it is much easier to notice which side it is. However, there are others with greater difficulty and it is impossible to find the correct one.

To know which is the right and wrong side of any fabric, you simply need to compare both sides of it.

A tip that will always help you differentiate more easily is by folding it towards yourself in a beak shape, so that you have a view of both sides and can notice the edge of the textile more precisely.

These may vary according to the type of fabric and also the shapes. Below we will give you some examples so that you do not have doubts when creating any product.

Prints and Jacquard

We will start with the easiest ones, since generally these are the ones on the right side that have greater color, relief, color intensity and, above all, you can notice more clearly what drawing it is.

Silks and satins

These are also quite easy to notice when you find them, because on the reverse side they will look more matte and on the right side they will have great shine and luminosity.

imitations of fur

In that case it may be a little clearer, since the backing, the finish that gives greater resistance and rigidity to the textile, usually black or white, is what will tell you that this is the wrong side of the fabric.

Structured fabrics

Here it is much more complicated, since they look very similar to the upside down and the right side. However, the right side will always be softer and the wrong side will always be stiffer because many of our fabrics are also backed.

Natural fibers

The cotton has a soft feel on the front. On the other hand, linen has a rougher feel, if you run it over it with your hand it will give you a feeling that the fabric is itchy.

An advice?

When our fabrics are sent to your home, they come rolled, the right side will always be the side that is inside it and the wrong side will always be the side that is on the outside.

If one day you have any questions about our fabrics and want to know what the front and back are, do not hesitate to call and ask, since here at FORMATEX we are always willing to help.

Author | Jimena Chavez

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."


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