Vol. 35 A short tour of FORMATEX

Vol. 35 Un pequeño recorrido por FORMATEX

Do you want to know what type of company we are?

We are a recognized company within the textile and furniture sector, as we distinguish ourselves by selling quality, modern designs, varied textures, a wide range of colors and updates on trends, both for high decoration and upholstery.

However, today is not about what we do, but about who we are and how we function as a company, since our priority will always be to provide you with the best quality to your doorstep.

FORMATEX was founded in 2014 in a warehouse in Colonia Atlas. Today we are still in the same area, but we expanded to a larger and more spacious location to have a greater number of rolls in stock available for our customers. We also have other smaller offices in Mexico City and Monterrey.

Thanks to the relocation of the company, the increase in personnel, catalogs and orders, we have managed to expand the market, services and improve the level of production. Due to this, greater work efficiency has been obtained to always achieve satisfactory results for our clients.

Of course we continue to renew and update ourselves every day to continue progressing our services as a business.

Now, we will explain how the company is divided, since we have different areas and each one carries out different tasks.

On the ground floor of the office there are purchases, imports, human resources, IT, billing, administration, service and customer service.

The purchasing department acquires products and manages the services necessary for the proper functioning of the company. Quote and supply stationery, packaging quotes, warehouse furniture, premises rental, procedures, licenses, permits, insurance, bank reconciliation, payment to suppliers and even organization of events.

Collection and billing , this department is responsible for validating payments in our accounts and thus being able to release orders and supply them. They support us with the re-invoicing or cancellation of orders such as credit notes or returns.

Human Resources organizes, plans and manages the different tasks and actions related to the people who make up the company. Likewise, they are in charge of hiring personnel, evaluating their performance, generating labor relations, creating a code of conduct, resolving internal problems and establishing training and salary policies.

Administration is related to the operation of the company, since it is in charge of the business operation in a general sense, from hiring, payments to personnel. Also, its objective is to correctly manage the financial and human resources of a company.

Customer service is always in contact with customers, as they are responsible for providing users with information and support regarding products, in our case fabrics. Furthermore, they always listen to people's wishes, concerns, questions, complaints, claims and suggestions, since it is important to us to always know their opinions and find the best solution to their problems.

Imports is always solving logistical processes, as they are watching for containers and rolls of fabric to arrive in Mexico. Likewise, they always contact foreign suppliers, adjust the operation time, check that the documents to purchase the product are in order and have contact with customs to access the import procedure.

Warehouse on the outside, we have a covered warehouse with an area of ​​3,000 square meters, ideal for storing more than 1,400,000 meters of fabric .

The warehouse manager, a cutting, quality, packaging and loader team are always helping us.

We have a sample department , experienced and hard-working women who help us create fabric samples, that is, they cut them to size, label them, sew them and organize the catalogs.

At the second level we have the sales, marketing, design, partners and managers team.

Of course, not to mention that even in this part we have a showroom to show potential buyers all our catalogs and listen to their needs.

For the sales team it is very important to have an excellent relationship with you, the customers, since we care a lot about satisfying your desires, needs and the well-being of you and your products.

They are always motivated, willing to learn and listen. For this reason, they constantly schedule appointments and are in contact with different users to show them the varied collection of textiles and the wide range of colors that we have.

The marketing team is primarily interested in knowing all the products that FORMATEX has to offer. For this reason, they continually upload informative and visual content so that all users can get to know us as a company, know what we do, where we are and all the promotions we offer.

Author | Jimena Chavez

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."


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