Vol. 34 How to prepare technical sheets?

Vol. 34 ¿Cómo elaborar fichas técnicas?

Before starting to give the structure on how to make a technical sheet, you will surely be wondering what it is.

Well, this is a document that details the characteristics or functions of a certain textile product.

It serves as a tool to reveal the most relevant and specific data about a fabric. In addition, it contains summarized and useful information, so that the person who buys it knows how to treat it, how to care for it, handle it, work with it, what finishes, compositions or type of fabric it has, so that it is not damaged and has a longer lifespan.

Now, the important question that is expected to be known: How is one carried out? And what is the relevant information that should be included?

The content of the technical sheets may vary, since each company has a different order or format, but there are certain aspects that must always be mentioned to the client.

  • The first thing to add is the commercial name of the fabric or what will be put on it.
  • Second, follow the entire product profile, for example: composition, fabric width, weight, laboratory tests, color migration, martindale, etc.
  • Finally, uses and care are put.

There are times when more particular content is added such as the type of fabric, weave, finishes, staining, cost and color palette.

The name can be creative and invented by you or you can even take an existing commercial. Also, you can add a small description of the product below it.

The composition is where the material or fiber with which the fabric is made is added. At FORMATEX we like to mention the exact percentage of each fiber with which the textile was made.

The measurements and weight section is where you are informed about the width, length and weight of a fabric. In this way the client will be able to calculate how many meters they will need to make their product.

Laboratory tests are really important, since they are used to measure the quality of the product, its lifespan and the wear and tear it may have. We as a company are interested in always providing the best quality and transparency with our clients.

In the case of colors, it is about describing or offering a sample of the shades of each product. This works a lot for those manufacturers, interior designers or designers who want to have a color palette, they can see the wide range that there is and compare the colors.

The type of ligament or fabric can be important for certain people, especially for those who want a type of texture or give a very particular use to an object. The same thing happens with finishes, since sometimes there are fabrics that must comply with certain rules or requirements.

Did you know all this information?

Author | Jimena Chavez

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."


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