Forma textil S de RL de CV2/19/24

For 2024, trend experts analyzed what the key designs could be for bedding, home textiles, upholstery, walls and floors. The WGSN platform indicates the motifs, locations, colors and scales that can be applied in the decoration of surfaces and household items.

  1. Uplifting gradients Relaxing and stimulating colors, such as those found in the evening sky, will be key to producing calm and well-being. Gradients with warm colors, such as oranges, pinks, yellows and especially the color of the year, Apricot Crush, will cause bright effects, natural light and cozy spaces. This type of print can be found on glassware, cushions, curtains, among others.

  2. Rebellious Blocking Using brights, colors and geometric shapes will produce an expressive look and a cheerful aesthetic. Applying this type of textures will provide color contrast and accent to objects and interiors. For consumers who are afraid of color, this trend can be used in small places or elements such as decorations, tables, home textiles, among others.

  3. Waves and curves Products with movements and waves cause softness, fluidity, joy and fun in space. Soft edges, rounded curves, waves, wavy shapes and lines will continue to trend this year. The Wiggles and Waves trend will give the decoration a striking and organic appearance to the walls, furniture and textiles.

  4. Vegetation Botany and green foliage will be essential elements this 2024, since the fine details and impressions of leaves, pines, trees, palms and forests will be motifs and repetitions that will be quite noticeable in the prints. This type of patterns will create organic, calm, subtle and delicate sites. Likewise, green, being the main color for these, will provide freshness, a feeling of health, growth and renewal in energy. It will be noticeable on wallpaper, vases, decorations, home textile products, glass and ceramics, among others.

  5. Camouflage textures Animal skins and camouflage will be the new commercial trend that interior spaces will apply. This type of print will create authentic, sophisticated, varied and original surfaces and designs, since most materials, techniques and fabrics will be taken as reference to obtain areas found in nature, such as logs, marble, feathers, skins, among others.

  6. Bohemian The boho style gives a modern touch to traditional crafts, as hand-made patterns and traditional techniques are mixed together with modernized decorations and digital prints to accentuate decorations and spaces, whether with tapestries, fabrics, borders and prints.

  7. Coastal style Motifs with seashells and nautical narrative will be in trend, especially for spring-summer 2024. Irregular shapes, abstract illustrations, botany, among others, will be noticed.

  8. Flowers More traditional patterns, such as old flowers, will have great relevance this year, since by using influence from the 80s along with current elements, they will be timeless patterns that will be present in cushion covers, pillowcases, upholstery, among others. .

Author | Jimena Chavez
"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."

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