Vol. 115 Uso de textiles en la decoración de eventos especiales: Fiestas decembrinas

Vol. 115 Use of textiles in the decoration of special events: December festivities

Forma textil S de RL de CV12/22/23

Textiles play a fundamental role in decoration during the Christmas festivities, whether for special events or for the home. They provide a cozy, personal touch and have the power to transform an everyday space into a magical and eye-catching setting through small details.

To achieve this goal, it is crucial to make eye-catching, novel accessories and, above all, with a Christmas touch. There are various options to obtain impressive results, whether through seasonal colors and prints.

During this time, the main colors to decorate are red, green, blue, gold, silver and white. Using this color palette will not only brighten and brighten the space, but will also create a festive atmosphere.

These textiles perform various functions and can be used in tablecloths, cloths, napkins, fabrics, crafts, decorative cushions, ornaments, among others.

In the home, textiles can add a Christmas touch without having to change the entire space. Small details, such as a napkin or tablecloth with a Christmas print or seasonal colors, will make a difference without representing a large investment.

At outdoor events or in salons, it is recommended to use fabric tablecloths that are light, thin, comfortable, economical, bright, resistant and do not wrinkle easily.

Adding cushions decorated or printed with Christmas motifs to a sofa will add life and a decorative touch for the holidays, without the need to clutter the space with Christmas ornaments.

These textiles can also be used as decorations or bows for the tree, providing personal and creative style with dolls, spheres, bells, hats, boots, among others.

During the holiday season, fabric is used to create table runners or decorative chair bows, from bright to patterned options. At events, many companies use textiles as thank-you gifts in bags, baskets or Christmas spheres, adding a special touch.

Textiles are present in everyday life and are essential for both decoration and practical use. For this reason, even during these dates, they are used in different events and special occasions.

Author | Jimena Chavez

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