As is customary every year, PANTONE revealed a few weeks ago which color will set the trend throughout 2024 in various fields such as fashion, graphic design, and interior decoration, among others.

The vibrant PANTONE 13-1023, known as PEACH FUZZ, presents a soft and velvety peach tone, whose function is to reflect desire, encourage self-care, care for others, and enrich the mind, body and soul.

Leatrice Eiseman, CEO of Pantone Color, shared that the choice of this radiant hue seeks to express the innate desire for closeness and connection.
Thus, we have chosen a color that provides warmth, modern elegance, empathy, and wraps us in a hug that we can almost feel, naturally fusing the youthful with the timeless.

This peach hue, a balanced mix between pink and orange, evokes sincerity, calm and tenderness, emitting a message of affection, sharing, community and collaboration. It is a fresh, soft, warm and comforting color that stimulates the desire to live, feel, thrive, unite with others, and experience relaxing, comforting moments of inner peace and well-being.

Many consider Peach Fuzz as a sweet and light color that invokes modernity, trying to merge the care of the mind, the human experience and the past with the modern, sophisticated, digital and deep world.

The choice of this color by the experts was due to the observation of how instability and unrest affect people's lives. In a world focused on productivity and external achievements, calm, creativity, coexistence, tranquility and connection often take a backseat.

For the year 2024, a color was sought that would express the desire to be close to loved ones, to find happiness in their company and in one's own, that would encourage people to come together and also enjoy moments of tranquility alone. A bright and subtle color that encourages you to walk towards the future.

This color conveys tactility through plush, velvety, quilted and furry textures, providing a sumptuous and soft touch. Therefore, it is ideal for creating spaces where comfort, warmth, relaxation and cozy environments are sought.

Pantone 13-1023, Peach Fuzz, will harmonize perfectly with warm green tones such as olive or olive, peaches, pinks, grays, plums, reds, browns and earth tones. Several of the fabrics available at FORMATEX could coordinate with this color, especially the printed or jacquard ones such as CHANTAL , LAKAI TEAL , JAIPUR , SAMOA COPPER , SAMBA , among others.

Selecting a year-round color is crucial as it influences almost all areas of design and consumer behavior globally. But the most significant thing is that this color reflects how society feels, what it needs or seeks, being more than a passing fad, a global lifestyle trend.

When choosing color, the emotional state of the people, the global culture and the context are taken into account, as it symbolizes the time in which a society lives and how it feels at that moment.

Color has a great impact on a consumer's purchasing decision and influences design strategy, since each individual interprets it uniquely, generating an impression that transmits messages directly or indirectly. It is a visual communication tool, being the first thing we notice and what we connect with the most, considered by many as a visual language, since nothing needs to be said for everyone to understand the message.

What FORMATEX product or decoration will this color be used with?

Author | Jimena Chavez

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