" Fabric Week " is an event that brings together experts, market leaders and various national and international brands and companies in the textile industry. Its purpose is to publicize the latest trends and innovative products on the market.

During December 5, 6 and 7, this outstanding event took place in the Margot building. Renowned brands in upholstery fabrics, such as Revolution Fabrics, Symphony Mills, Formatex, Artelínea, Novatex, KAAN Home Textile, Z Woven, Bella Home and Sunbelievable, presented their new collections and extensive catalogues. In addition, presentations were made on fabrics with stain-resistant and liquid-resistant finishes, addressing customer needs in detail.

Several of the participating brands are part of the FORMATEX team, since many of the fabrics offered by the company come from these same brands. However, this year a new company was incorporated, Sunbelievable, specializing in the manufacture of durable vinyl and acrylic textiles, with high resistance to fading and stains, suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Margot 1287 building on Avenida de las Rosas will house the new FORMATEX Showroom in Guadalajara starting December 13. To inaugurate this space, Ricardo Pérez, the general director, together with the company's partners, held a symbolic ribbon cutting in front of clients and team members. Afterwards, everyone was invited to a toast of welcome and celebration.

This new Showroom represents a large space for the company where visitors and customers can learn about the products and be served in a comfortable, pleasant and functional way. The Margot Showroom has two floors; In the upper part is the meeting room, while in the lower part all the products are displayed, shelves with fabric, flags, cushions, samples, large windows, ambient lighting, parapets, sofas and furniture to provide comfortable attention while they enjoy of complimentary drinks.

This project was a dream planned for several years and has finally come to fruition. We are excited to welcome everyone to this new space to present the excellence and quality of our fabrics.

The FORMATEX team looks forward to your visit to this new space to present our extensive catalog and address any questions you may have about our products. We are waiting for you!

Author | Jimena Chavez

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."


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