117. HEIMTEXTIL 2024

117. HEIMTEXTIL 2024

Like every year, one of the most important fairs in the world for the textile, interior design and trends sector was held. This season, more than 2,800 international exhibitors presented new products in Frankfurt from January 9 to 12 of this year.

During this fair, new trends were presented that will come in both 2024 and 2025. One of the main topics was sustainability, since regenerative plant-based materials for the industry, the support of textiles, were presented. using technology and natural ingredients to produce fabrics.

One of the main concepts was the new sensitivity, related to touch, sensations and spirituality. Also, with consideration, empathy and respect, since trend experts consider that, if it is possible to work and unite 3 main pillars: nature, the human being and technology in one, a transformation and innovation will be obtained. to future.

Given this, fabrics made from plants, crops, waste raw materials and natural pigments, such as banana peel and vegan cactus skin, were presented.

The production of natural dyes and traditional dyeing techniques based on avocado seeds, bacteria, algae, indigo, cochineal seeds, among others, were presented. Likewise, the main colors that will be seen in the coming years were presented, and most of them are natural colors related to nature, such as beige, greens, oranges, browns and blues.

This year the purpose is to search for colors that evoke emotions in our senses and at the same time respect our values ​​of environmental protection. That is why HEIMTEXTIL noticed a dynamic but subtle color palette for the 24/25 Trends. These tones are the ones that will be displayed in interior spaces and products in the next 2 years.

Within the event there was a wide variety of exhibitors and suppliers of textile products, from upholstery, towels, bedding to institutional items. Among them, ABERTEX SAS, outdoor fabrics; AdaWall Duvar Kagitlari, which have wallpaper; Adoksan Tekstil san and tic AS upholstery fabrics; ADEKO, Tongxiang, Agmamito, AF'D fabrics, Ashley Wilde, Ávila textile, curtain fabrics, among others. All of these had innovative Jacquard fabrics, bouclés, marbled fabrics, furs, leathers, velvet, new drawings, colors and textures.

The function of this event is not only to learn about new products, trends and be a source of inspiration, but also to create a wide network of professional contacts within the textile sector to achieve a common and commercial goal.

Author | Jimena Chavez

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