Vol. 87 Marketing Tools

Vol. 87 Herramientas de Marketing

Our tools are quite functional, especially when presenting a product, since they allow clients to better visualize what the fabric is like and how it will look in a given project.

But, what tools do we have? And what are they for?

We have two main instruments, books and swatches. Both have small samples of fabric to be able to appreciate and perceive the different textures, fabrics and colors. However, these have a different use, which will be mentioned below.


Books are a source of inspiration to obtain coordinated textiles, that is, possible combinations of colors and textures are generated so that when designing a space they can have several options that match and complement each other.

The book, unlike the swatch, has various pieces of fabric divided into two sections, left and right. We have 10 different books, which contain approximately 3 to 6 pages, with around 50 different fabrics, coordinated for the presentation and development of interior design projects.


Swatches are small fabric samples ideal for presenting all the products we have to our clients, designers, furniture makers, upholsterers or decorators and facilitating the vision of their interior projects.

Thanks to these, more specific color palettes can be established and even enable the diversity of mixtures that can be created by coordinating colors and textures in a more dynamic and easy to transport way.


This tool is one of our favorites, since, through it, we can teach customers how our Revolution fabrics work.

This contains a bottle of water, bleach, soap, a marker and a pen to demonstrate the fabrics and how they work.

Its purpose is to demonstrate the practicality and how easy it is to remove stains and accidents that occur with a little soap and water.

Now that you know about our tools, which one is your favorite?

Leave us your comments. We care about your opinion.

Author I Jimena Chávez

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."


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