Vol. 80 Revolution Indoor VS Revolution Outdoor

Vol. 80 Revolution Indoor V.S. Revolution Outdoor

We present our brand Revolution Performance Fabrics, which are high performance fabrics made in the USA. The fabrics practically do not stain, in addition, no chemical stain treatment has been applied to them. Revolution fabrics can be cleaned with any household cleaner, even pure bleach. They have exceptional durability to withstand years of use, cleaning and everyday chaos.

Sometimes customers ask us what is the difference between Revolution indoor and Revolution Outdoor fabrics?
We know it can be confusing since they have a similar name. However, they do not contain the same properties and characteristics.

The Revolution, both Outdoor and Indoor, are an excellent option to have at home, because it resists any type of stain or liquid, be it sauce, juice, down, chocolate, wine, among others. Additionally, if you spill or cause a stain, these fabrics are very easy to wash, as any household cleaner will remove the dirt. However, there are some differences between the Revolution which will be discussed in this blog.

Revolution Outdoor

As its name suggests, this type of textile is used for outdoors.

Given this, they must be made with greater resistance than any other, since their high resistance to chlorinated water from swimming pools, dust, high temperatures, sunlight, makes them ideal for the use of mats, cushions, in public swimming pools, where g of chlorine can exceed 100 g per liter (maximum allowed by law).

For this reason, these fabrics are made with very resistant fibers such as acrylic or polypropylene to avoid excessive wear.

In addition, the fabrics are more closed and structured, since the fabric needs to be more rigid to provide greater resistance, support and strength. Generally, twills and taffetas are used.

Also, other types of finishes are applied to them such as light resistance, water resistance, anti-piling, anti-mold, among others.

The colors are more sober, because being outside we look for colors that get dirty little or at least that can hide the dirt. But, if you are a person looking for a more colorful outdoor environment, we have Nude Beach, a collection full of textures and colors for any sofa, umbrella, armchair, cushion or furniture for open spaces.

If you prefer fabrics with motifs, stripes, or figures in JAIPUR fabrics, LLOYD, LINUS, SEAPORT, BANDEAU could be ideal for you.

Unlike these, the Revolution indoors contain a wide variety of textures and fabrics, since, since they are indoors, less care is needed and it is much easier to play with the thickness and finishes of the threads.

The diversity of shapes, figures, wefts and warps that exist in these models is truly extensive, as you will notice the presence of boucles with patterns, jacquard, twills, grove stitches, textured threads, thick and thin.

Also, the textures of the fabrics are much more pleasant to the touch, the structure is more flexible and they are composed of polypropylene, very durable and resistant materials, with reused fibers and less trace of carbon.

The color range of our fabrics has warm and neutral tones, where you will find navy blue, gray, white, cream, beige and the occasional black.

But can outdoor fabric be used indoors?

Yes, but despite this, it is important to know that indoor fabrics cannot be used outdoors because they would not withstand temperature changes and damage.

Remember that our Revolution Performance Fabrics are stain resistant for life, chemical-free, PFC-free, easy to clean, and not damaged by chlorine.

Now that you know this information, which option will you choose to purchase in your home?

Author I Jimena Chávez

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."


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