Vol. 81 New Collection 2022

Vol. 81 Nueva Colección 2022

This Wednesday, October 19, was the official launch on our website of the New AUGUST 2022 collection! . In this blog we will talk in detail about some of our fabrics that make up this new line, with this you will learn more about the weaving, composition and assembly of the fabrics, as well as develop a new taste for them.

 This collection was inspired by the upcoming 2022 – 2023 trends in which you will find innovative textures, dynamic fabrics and versatile fabrics, such as chenilles, loops, marbled, Jacquard, and others.

Within this variety we find the Alanis fabric. A microfiber to which a procedure known as textile calendering is applied, is made up of several rollers, one that is heated and others that move a canvas and press the fabric, giving it the design and texture that enhances the product.

Another very interesting model is the Alistair , a very soft fabric, pleasant to the touch since it is made with chenille, a combination of short and thick fiber yarns that cause great visual appeal and a cozy appearance.

If what you are looking for are voluminous and smooth fabrics, Helsinki and Merino fabrics are definitely an excellent option since the curly, soft and irregular surface, better known as loops, causes a feeling of warmth, comfort, elegance and sophistication in the place.

Furthermore, this type of fabric is recognized for the ease with which it can be integrated into projects thanks to its timelessness and the elegance it generates.

To complement the plain fabrics, you can always add some Jacquard to the collection, it will provide accents in certain spaces as long as you add cushions, curtains or rugs to them.

At FORMATEX, we acquire a wide range of Jacquards with different textures and innovative techniques in this new line.

Within the catalog you will find motifs with loops such as ANCESTRY , COBRA , MEDICI , TRIAD , among others. Each one has a different effect, in some the drawing stands out from the background, since it is above it, thanks to the impression produced by the threads. This could be noticed in the TRIAD, MEDICI and ANCESTRY.

On the other hand, COBRA has a very heavy weft, unlike warp, since it contains loop and fancy threads. But despite this, the excessive three-dimensionality between the background and the motif is not perceived.

 Another interesting result of this category is the creation of volume, depth and movement that is obtained thanks to the play and mixture of shapes, thread thicknesses, techniques and fabric structures.

AXIS, OOLONG, ORION and ARTWORKS have very dynamic structures and fabrics, since the direction in which it was woven gives a visual appearance that it is in motion.

By making a combination of techniques, playing with thicknesses and compositions of the threads, three-dimensional effects are achieved, appearances of artisanal techniques such as punch needle and weaving, contrasts of light and shadow.

In the SHEEBA , CASEY , SWEETHEART , WESTWOOD , SPHINX , PLAZA , PALMICO , VESPER and MAMBA models, the presence of different ligaments and techniques is evident, since they are composed of chenilles, piolas, loops, among others.

If gradients and blurring are for your decoration, TESSA and FRESH are variegated that manage to give these types of impressions, ideal to add to a sofa, chair or armchair. In addition, the texture is soft, cozy, resistant and comfortable.

Last but not least, let's remember our REVOLUTION smart fabrics which continue to be on trend. Its rough use allows us to have a warm, cozy and above all durable space, such as the RICOCHET and TOULON fabrics, and maintaining elegance with the cushions such as the TRIAD, PLAZA, WESTWOOD, MEDICI, MAMBA, ANCESTRY, COBRA and SHEEBA fabrics.

You will see that, if you acquire any of these fabrics in your home, the value and appearance of it will be greater.

So do not expect more! Ask about any of our fabrics from the new collection, you will see that you will not regret it.

Author I Jimena Chávez

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."


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