Vol.8 Tips for making products, designing or decorating.

Vol.8 Tips para elaborar productos, diseñar o decorar.

Did you know that working on a more personalized space or product can
differentiate yourself from the rest?
Offering customers attention, quality, innovation and design is not only what is
needs. Focusing on their needs will make your work stand out from the rest,
because a design or decoration strategy is not only focusing on a space or an item being aesthetically beautiful, but also satisfying the desires, needs and lifestyle of your client in a place where they can do their daily activities in a way more comfortable and particular.

Many people have their own method, steps or organization to carry out a product or project. However, in today's blog we will give you some tips and strategies that could help you when generating a design or any planning.

A methodology that is widely used today is Design Thinking . As the name says, it is a way of design thinking to analyze something, since it maximizes collective creativity, gets involved with a client, looks for their needs and finds a solution to a problem.

This has six different phases, empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test and

Empathize: It consists of investigating, that is, collecting all the information, data,
understand user needs, seek solutions through
searches for trends, colors, images, questions, mind maps, etc.
In this phase it is very important to fill yourself with as much information as possible.
possible, be it visual, physical or verbal. Find out about the product or object you want to make, the place where you will do things, make a palette of possible colors, take into account some inspiration or theme, look for upcoming trends in magazines, websites such as WGSN or fairs, Analyze the competition, get inspired by books, images, art, nature, whatever you want. Here he questions what, how and why. They will be the keywords to start creating new things.

Define: With all the previous information, the most relevant information is compiled and that which provides value to search for an innovative alternative. At this point it is mostly determined what is going to be carried out and how it will be done.

When you have a client or need to explain the concept to a person you can
Use a moodboard so that visually people can better understand what is going to be done.

A moodboard is a collage of inspirational images or clear ideas that
It works as a tool to not get lost in the project and to allow you to continue
going forward. This can have a color palette, images, keywords, title, among other things. Despite looking for trends and colors, remember not to be carried away only by that, but also by your needs and tastes.

Illustration 2: Piece dyeing

Ideate: In this process you begin to make drawings or sketches to go
finding out and experimenting with form, concept and innovation to
obtain a final result. Also here you can do a SWOT , detect priorities and begin analyzing the competition to find a differentiator.

Prototype: This consists of turning all those ideas and sketches into reality, through models, materials, models, renders, mockups, etc. You begin to get closer to the final result you want to acquire by looking for improvements.

Test: The prototype and even the final product are evaluated through interaction with the user to find improvements and solve them.
Within this stage, feedback is given, several errors are found or it can be
change the material to obtain the best possible result and above all design

implementation: Which is applied to the final product or result,
The well-being and satisfaction of the client is ensured. Also in this phase you can create advertising, social networks, posters, among others.

If you create an interior space or object, remember that you must take into account the tastes, space, ergonomics and comfort of the user, as these are factors that begin to influence people to be in a certain place.

Once you have all the information collected and the product selected, it is very important not to forget the quote, costs and suppliers, since this will
determining the rules, agreements, dates, materials that must be used, the sector to which it is directed, selection of the best quality or best price, maintaining the final price and choosing a trusted supplier that meets the standards of
quality, price and always meets delivery time.

Author | Jimena Chavez

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."


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