Vol. 58 ¿Ya conoces nuestros muestrarios?

Vol. 58 Do you already know our samples?

Forma textil S de RL de CV5/13/22

A sample book is a set of fabrics with a standard measurement that is widely used in sales in order to understand the products, facilitate their visualization for customers and help with the purchasing decision.

A sample book is a very effective tool. Thanks to them the customer can see and touch the product.

To prepare and use the samples, it must be taken into account that they must be manageable, resistant and light, since the sales team must have the simplest and most practical way to transport, display and store the items.

Another basic aspect here at FORMATEX is that our fabrics are always cut to size, contain the company logo and have the technical data to know exactly fibers, finishes, etc.

Having this type of instruments is much better than seeing it digitally, no matter how much technology helps us, an online catalog will never replace a physical one, since it is much more dynamic, educational, and allows us to evaluate the quality and range of textures. and colors there are.

For us it is important to make a great impact on you, since bringing each of these to clients means visual communication and presentation, which is why we always have the best quality, textures, and updated innovations in the industry.

If you require a specific sample, do not hesitate to contact the sales team to schedule an appointment and take the desired fabric to the place where you are located.

Author | Jimena Chavez  

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