Vol .57 Artisan Collection.

Vol .57 Artisan Collection.

In February at Expo Guadalajara many of you were able to learn about the Artisan Collection, which is a new line of textures.
The collection features yarns that have the look of cotton with the cleanability and performance of our Revolution fabrics.

These are not only full of trends and textures, but are also made from a fiber called olefin, a product that comes from recycling chemicals and oil to avoid further contamination in the process. Furthermore, unlike natural fibers, this one is dyed without water.

Another important point of these fabrics is the quality and softness it has, since the touch is really soft, which is why many of our customers tend to think that it is made with cotton, but having better resistance and durability.

One of the main characteristics of this type of textiles is the variety of textures it has, especially the loops, since in addition to being the latest trend, they generate great comfort, warmth and dimension to the objects.

These types of fabrics are ideal for applying to a cushion, armchair and even a sofa. Everything is a matter of taste.

So, don't wait any longer and get these amazing new features that FORMATEX has for you.

Do you want to know more about this product? Go and find on our website or in our catalog.

You'll be surprised!

Author | Jimena Chavez  

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."


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