Vol. 30 Quality control.

Vol. 30 Control de calidad.

Do you know the proper process for good quality control?

At FORMATEX, as a company for the sale of upholstery and decoration fabrics, strict quality control must be followed to offer customers the best and highest quality of textiles. For this reason, it is important that in each process errors, possible defects are observed and problems that may arise must even be anticipated to find the best possible solution.

Before selling or producing a fabric, it is necessary to comply with pre-established manufacturing standards, to have standardization and avoid waste or unnecessary costs.

Next, we will explain some phases and machinery that the quality control area must do to prevent failures.

1. Quality inspection phase

The client together with the inspection area work hand in hand to observe the product and point out flaws. However, this phase, in addition to being a bit slow, does not propose any solution.

1. Sample control phase

The sample fabric is used along with machinery to test the textile, check quality, resistance, abrasion, length, finishes, among others so that defects are located, a solution is found for them and waste is prevented.

In our case, when we notice an error in the test or in the final fabric, we mark them with red flags to provide more footage to the client or to make them notice that there are some details, since transparency and sincerity are part of our values ​​as a company. .

  1. Machinery

The emergence of machines, technology and digitalization has led to optimizing and improving testing and quality processes.

There are a great variety of these, such as the branching to straighten the fabric and prevent the thread from being deflected, the titan to check the strength and elongation, the frotimemeter to determine color fastness, abrasion or martindale, the thermotester to measuring the color fastness to heat, the knit fabric relaxer that eliminates the curling of the fabric, allows defining the real length and the useful area. In addition, there are other machines to check the exact percentage of fibers that a fabric contains.

The automation of quality control allows increasing the productive capacity of the industry, since it transforms manual processes into mechanical ones, thus obtaining more speed and efficiency during the stages.

Therefore, the team operating the equipment must also be properly trained and updated to handle it properly.

Another important point is to analyze the raw material before being produced, since this will prevent imperfections from the beginning and will prevent the textiles from being classified as second quality.

We as a company ensure that the color fastness, the structure of the fabric, the resistance, the durability are the best and are in perfect condition, since for FORMATEX it is of utmost importance that our customers trust in the products they purchase and are satisfactory.

For this reason, we always send all our fabrics to professional textile laboratories so that they can be analyzed and meet the established requirements to always provide them with the best quality.

Author | Jimena Chavez

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."


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