Vol.29 Trends.

Vol.29 Tendencias.

Always when something new comes on the market we want to acquire it instantly. However, there are others who seek to update and inform themselves before something becomes a trend. That is why in this weekly blog we will leave you some ideas that will be coming in 2023 and 2024 according to WGSN.

First we will start with the fabrics. Velvet velours, corduroys and satins with high color contrast and cheerful tones such as vintage pink, yellow, green and jacaranda accompanied by neutral colors such as beige, black, gray, among others, will be the next trends to come.

Furthermore, by playing with this type of textiles and their structures they will create luster and texture effects, accents, they will highlight the fabric, but they will also provide comfort, nostalgia, but modernity.

Illustration 1: Color palette

Likewise, working with various types of threads and fibers such as rayon, cotton or linen will generate materials similar to velvet and will result in more comfortable spaces suitable for warmer climates.

Illustration 2: Smooth and 3D texture.

Another important point is awareness. People are looking for sustainable, but resistant materials. For this reason, stronger fabrics, thoughtful, conscious designs and mixed techniques are acquired, that is, technology is mixed with handmade to create architectural or 3D shapes with the help of devoré, quilting, dimensions and depths in fabrics and thick fabrics such as knits, blankets or canvas.

Illustration 3: Architectural form.

Illustration 4: 3D texture.

Every day people want their products to be not only aesthetic, but also functional and durable so that the useful life of household items is extended and they adapt to the needs of the consumer.
This is why some companies have considered making their objects multifunctional. For example, the fabric of a cover for a sofa and cushions is interchangeable. This concept is ideal for giving a makeover once the original covers are worn and stained.

I. 5: Changeable cover I. 6: Changeable cover I. 7: Changeable cover.

The same thing happens with furniture, in the coming years we will seek to recreate furniture from all the waste of other materials, that is, a more circular process, since after the pandemic consumers are looking for healthier, sustainable and practical areas.

People will want to invest in quality rather than novelty, since they will look to acquire better products and not new ones. Even second-hand furniture will be one of the qualities that people will buy.

Furniture made from biomaterials and ingredients of plant origin will become trendy. Many of these are harvested in a homemade and natural way from organic waste, such as jute, hemp, seaweed, shells.

Illustration 8: Biomaterials base.

When it comes to decorative accessories and lighting, flexibility becomes an integral part of the designs, including environmental solutions, wearable pieces and smart touch functions.

Precisely, with the pandemic, lighting became more and more important for people every day, since due to this, most individuals spent most of the day inside their homes.

Lighting must adapt to the needs of consumers, from creating comfort, altering a mood or atmosphere to illuminating home offices or craft areas.

Playing with the shape and functionality of the lights allows people to have the freedom to use them anywhere and with greater design.
For example, integrating lighting into furniture is a quick way to free up space and offer additional functionality to large investment pieces. You have both innovative furniture with lighting. These types of objects are dynamic, practical and fun.

You can find them on tables, coat racks, chairs, shelves or stools.

Illustration 9: Luminaire in furniture.

The illuminated supports also offer great practicality, as they fulfill a dual use. Like the previous one, they are used to provide light, but also to store other objects. Like jars for desk accessories or containers for plants, they are excellent options to optimize spaces.

Illustration 10: Plant container with light.

Illustration 11: Desk accessory.

Wall lighting is a great alternative and new innovations will be made, as it allows consumers to customize with modular designs, since having wireless options that fit perfectly on a wall allows the lighting to be arranged in any configuration.

Illustration 12: Wall lighting.

Author | Jimena Chavez

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."


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