Vol 19. How to decorate your home.

Vol 19. Cómo decorar tu hogar.

Do you get excited when you enter a decoration, fabric or furniture store and want to replace each object at home, but you can't decide which one?

We know that decorating a house is not easy, especially because many points of view, opinions, negotiations and needs must be taken into account. To facilitate problems, a correct structure must be followed so that each room has harmony, coherence and looks like oneself.

Usually, people give more importance to decoration or furniture design and that's okay, it really is significant. But, it is also essential to take into account other aspects to add value to a space. Therefore, you must take into consideration 6 essential aspects when changing your home.

The style
Choose only one style, let that be the main one and stick to it. It does not mean that the entire house has to be strictly the same, but it should follow a specific structure or balance. You will notice defined and harmonious spaces!

You can choose different styles, be it industrial, rustic, Nordic, among others. This is where your creativity and imagination of what you would like to have in a space comes in, whether tastes, materials, textiles, colors, furniture, accessories, etc.

The combinations can be infinite, as long as they do not clash with each other or look saturated.

Illustration 1: Style.

It is fundamental and the basis of good interior design, since you reflect on what you really need and the use you will give it. Yes, we understand that trends and aesthetics are tempting, but you should always question yourself if you will use it and if it matches what you are looking for. Imagine buying a small armchair that is difficult to clean, just because it is fashionable, when in reality what you prefer is a piece of furniture that can fit your entire family and resists all stains from visitors, children or pets.

Illustration 2: Needs room.

Planning of spaces to transform
Once you know your style, furniture and needs, it is time to think about what is going to be done in each room of the house or how you want it to look.

For some it may be complicated or doubtful what a room requires and for others it is not, they have already thought about it and imagined in a second how it will look.

In both cases it is necessary to define that each object stays in its place in a functional, practical, aesthetic way, how much light is required in the place, whether or not you want to expand it, etc.

You can look for different possibilities to create your space, whether by moving everything in different places, changing colors, making drawings or hiring an expert to virtually plan each room and see more clearly how it could look.

Illustration 3: Render.

Inspiration sources
Use magazines, images, catalogs and even remodeling programs to simplify the process and be clear about what is required, and then obtain or acquire products and results similar to what you want.

Be careful! Sometimes we tend to be guided by the photos we like without thinking that our house may have another size or another layout. So, always try to use inspirations that suit your space and structures, since what may work for you does not mean that it will work for others as well.

Illustration 4: Interior design magazine.

Ergonomics and furniture finishes
It is important that an environment adapts to the capabilities and limitations of human beings. Due to this, the furniture must be molded to the needs of the person to create spaces in which they feel comfortable, at ease, comfortable. For example, a sofa must have a backrest, padding, a certain softness and a precise height to satisfy a person. Also, it is essential to find furniture that is resistant, durable, but has visual appeal. Remember don't be captivated by aesthetics alone!

Illustration 5: Furniture.

It is relevant to focus on textiles, since any object if it is not complemented with the appropriate fabric, will not have the same value or expected result.

These always give life to the home and provide all the style it needs. There is a reason they are so important, since adding a textile accessory such as a table runner, a bedspread or a cushion, a room or object is completely transformed, as it provides texture, color, a change in pattern and attention to it.

Just as mentioned in the previous blog, upholstering a piece of furniture with a new fabric and a suitable finish changes it completely and as many times as you want.

You will notice that adding a curtain, prints or even wallpaper will make all the difference.

If you want to take a little risk sometimes in life, textiles are your perfect solution to do so!

Illustration 6: Textiles.

Having a good interior design gives you benefits such as order, well-being, cleanliness, distinction, functionality, aesthetics, purity and balance.

Had you noticed all these points mentioned before?

Now with this information you can have an ideal home or perhaps you could consider hiring a professional, be it a decorator or interior designer to provide support and meet your needs.

Author | Jimena Chavez

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."


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