Vol.13 Trend alert: Interior design and decoration.

Vol.13 Trend alert: Interiorismo y decoración.

Interior trends have been influenced by people's lifestyle, tastes and way of living, especially it has been even more noticeable during the pandemic, as they have tried to express the aforementioned through textiles and crafts.

Some aspects of the trends that are to come range from comfort in design and interior design to a social and environmental understanding in decoration and home accessories.

Soon designers, decorators and buyers will be directed towards textures, a more ethical, sustainable and welcoming production. Below we will tell you aspects that you will be inclined to acquire for a space.

1. Natural fibers and dyeing: People are interested in non-toxic processes, sustainable fibers, such as cotton, bamboo, wool and linen. These can be mixed with other fibers such as viscose or polyamide.
This type of composition is also very pleasant to the touch, comfortable, and generates pleasant sensations when touching the surface of the fabric.

Illustration 1: Bench to recharge with linen.

2. Change of mentality: Less, but better, that is, the search for smooth, minimalist, easy-to-wash fabrics, quality and durability, ethical work in the production of textiles.

3. Innovative fabrics: Explore different fabrics, mix contrasting threads,
compositions or techniques, since it can be from a flat fabric with squares or grids that generates textures, accents, variety in patterns and colors, to a knitted or crochet fabric that generates floral patterns, flamed or dimensional textures.

Illustration 2: Crochet.

4. Tactile ornaments: Produce many sensations through the sense of touch, look for different patterns and textures, play with the thickness of the threads, dimensions and shapes so that the design is novel, there is visual interest, curiosity and desire to touch the textile .
Through accessories and decorations you can enhance comfort, identity, tastes, give a comforting, fun, warm or striking touch to a home, since ornaments have a wide number of techniques in which they are made.
Punchneedle, chenille, bouclé , thick fabrics, fleeces, threaded ropes, fabrics with 3D textures, loose threads, embroidery, over-stitching, quilting or quilting on large pillows, rugs, rugs, table runners, cushions, curtains, upholstery are examples of accessories that will not only be fashionable, but will also create fresh, innovative, soft, comfortable, welcoming, relaxing spaces because they absorb sound, are organic, generate textures, accent, interest and variety of patterns, since whether abstract or geometric.

Illustration 3: Rug of loose threads.

Illustration 4: Bouclé cushion.

5. Manual or artisanal finishes and techniques: People are becoming aware of the damage of the textile industry, which is why they value handmade techniques. Also, social networks have empowered, advised and motivated people to create decorations or products themselves, but with their own tastes and styles. Precisely from there comes the famous abbreviation DIY, do it yourself.
I change the strategy, since they have to make “hand-printed” prints such as wood blocks or that have a similar appearance, shibori, patchwork or embroidery techniques to generate patterns, graphics and structures, distressed surfaces on double or jacquard fabrics to make a place more attractive, lived-in and welcoming.

Illustration 5: Printed blanket.

6. Influences from past eras: Offer basic, traditional, elevated, glamorous, cozy ideas, but mixed with modern concepts. That is, incorporating elements from previous times such as the 20's, 70's, among others along with current elements or knowledge.

For the same reason, objects that have fringes, balls, gathered fabrics, folds or pleats are used on flat products to highlight them, tapestries with flowers in a modern way along with a traditional one or shiny fabrics to highlight the theatrical glamour.

Illustration 6: Cushion with fringes.

Illustration 7: Pleated cushion.

7. Natural colors: Neutral room, with brightness, freshness, balance and calm will achieve a room of peace, contact and connection with nature. It can be by adding accessories or decorations such as furniture and paint.

Illustration 8: Fabric with 3D texture.

We know that trends are important, since they provide innovation, value and freshness to an environment. However, your tastes, needs and desires are more important because it will be the place where you or your client will be every day.

What do you think of the new trends that are coming? We would like to know your opinion on the topic or share with us if you have done something similar.

Author | Jimena Chavez

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."


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