Vol. 12 Characteristics of Jacquard.

Vol. 12 Características del Jacquard.

Did you know?... The word Jacquard comes from a French merchant and weaver named Joseph Marie Jacquard, who gave his surname as the name to this type of fabric.

Today the type of machines has been modernized to make them more
functional and efficient. However, you always have to program the loom, see the measurement, number of threads and needles in the frame, hooks, design the drawing, the
rapport, the direction it will have, decide the colors that will be used both in
warp and weft, the type of weave, number of passes, among others
things before the fabric begins to be fully woven.

Illustration 1: First Jacquard fabrics.
Illustration 2 : Jacquard loom.
Jacquard is a flat weave, usually made of satin, it is considered a fabric
double, smooth, thicker and heavier compared to others, durable, resistant to both abrasion and wrinkles, it is soft to the touch, has brightness and contrasts in the drawings.
However, cleaning the textile can be more complicated compared to
Others, since it is washed dry or with cold water depending on the composition, do not use a dryer, chlorine or any detergent.
As mentioned at the beginning, this type of fabric has complicated patterns, usually flowers, squares, geometric figures and other motifs that are
striking. For example, damask and brocade are a type of Jacquard,
simply that on some occasions metallic threads are used to make
these designs.
Illustration 3 : FORMATEX jaquard.
In general, many people tend to confuse prints or embroidery.
with a Jacquard fabric, but how can you differentiate one from the other?
The answer is very easy, with the help of sight and touch.
-First you have to turn the fabric on the back, if you only see the drawing on the front it is a print, if you can see it on both sides it is a Jacquard, since it is woven.
-Also note the thickness, since printed fabrics are generally not very thick compared to Jacquard.
-Always use your hands to analyze a textile, this allows you to know the type of fabric, fabric or composition, especially in a jacquard, because there is a small relief and texture in the fabric unlike a print that the fabric is
completely flat.
This type of fabric has so many uses, since it can go from inside a house
as a cushion, curtain, armchair upholstery, rug, home accessories
even in clothing such as a jacket, dress, shoes, vests, accessories, among others.
Keep in mind that not all Jacquard is floral, it can range from something as minimalist and simple to the most spectacular and complicated motif.
At FORMATEX we always look for the best quality and innovation of fabrics for
offer you. If you like, you can consult our Jacquard catalog and imagine where you would place this fabric within a space or on a specific object.

Author | Jimena Chavez

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."

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