Do you know what the most important trends of the year have been? One of the colors that has stood out the most this year is green, as it represents openness, hope, calm and sensitivity.

A color related to nature, freshness, rebirth and resurgence, however, for years it was difficult to add it to the industry since it was a difficult color to place in spaces since it is highly predominant compared to neutral tones.

Having contact with the outside through decoration and design has become an essential task. That is why the use of green is so popular when symbolizing nature, it creates environments where contact with the environment and the outside world becomes closer, thanks to the application of textile elements or accessories such as sofas, chair upholstery and cushions.

Likewise, another reason why this color is being selected by people is the emotional effect it causes, since spaces are transformed into places of rest and disconnection when using colors like this.

Green not only combines with cream, brown and black tones, but also with gold to obtain a natural, sophisticated and bright place, it can be either a velvet in mustard tones along with green cushions or decorative accessories to complement.

Another alternative is to experiment with combinations such as a brown leather sofa along with green cushions to highlight nature and create sober and relaxed environments.

Even if you are looking for a happier place that provides more light, the mix of green and yellow could work, with a sofa and cushions or with a footboard.

Green is associated with elegance and formality. Especially if this is combined with cream, black or brown tones.

This color trend covers various shades of green, it can range from pastel and soft to give it youthful touches to bottle or dark greens for a more elegant style.

Likewise, you can play with different textures and textile techniques to enrich and enliven the site, it can be velvet, prints, Jacquard, among others.

For more risky but balanced combinations, green and more opaque or sober blue could be used to achieve bright and large spaces, especially if they are applied with an accompanying white.

Which of the green tones in the FORMATEX catalog will be used for your next project?

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Author | Jimena Chavez

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