Vol. 92 Color trends 2023/2024

Vol. 92 Tendencias de color 2023/2024

The main trend experts, WGSN and Coloro, an intuitive, logical and innovative color system that allows the design sector to create and use colors in total confidence, revealed the most predominant colors for 2023.

This year there are 5 colors that will stand out from the rest and will be seen both in the fashion industry and in interior design.

The names were selected by the color teams of both companies, as it was extremely important to them to encapsulate the mood of the season and align with the mindset of consumers in 2023.


Tranquil blue, a shade of medium blue that is intended to convey the lightness and clarity of the elements of air and water, as consumers seek to counteract or balance overwhelming emotions through it.


A saturated blue-green color, very similar to turquoise. This tone is formed when copper oxidizes and loses its original color.

Verdigris is a refreshing, stimulating color and ideal for modern spaces. In addition, it is inspired by sports clothing from the 80's and outdoor elements.

This is expected to be reinterpreted in 2023 as a bright progress color.

Digital Lavender

Digital lavender means stability, digital serenity and escapism. Shades of purple have long been associated with spirituality and the chakra, because they provide a sense of balance.

Consumers seek to gain control of their well-being, through this, as it gives them calm and peace.


The return of stimulating colors with digital brightness is back. This is energetic, saturated, but translucent and expresses lightness, optimism, positivity, passion, empowerment and hyperreality.

It is the perfect mix between the physical and digital worlds, elegance and fun, products with experiences.


Sundial comes in a darker tone that is reminiscent of earthy and field nuances. The purpose of this is to create interest in sustainability, a more balanced lifestyle and reconnect with the environment. Its brown and yellow influences make it very natural, drawing inspiration from organic sources that feel authentic. This color is ideal for objects that you want to apply skin or leather.

Author I Jimena Chávez

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."


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