Vol. 84 Decoration trends for this Christmas 2022.

Vol. 84 Tendencias de decoración para esta Navidad 2022.

One of the favorite seasons of the year is approaching, Christmas, and that is why we want to provide you with the latest decoration trends for 2022.

Next, we will mention the best colors and trends to decorate for Christmas in that special place.

The Golden

In other blogs and in Moblaje magazine we were talking about how the color gold is and will be in trend in 2023. Given this, it will also be common for its presence to be noticed in Christmas decorations.

Actually, it is a color that has always been used in these times in small ornaments, since it is considered a classic. However, it will now look adapted to larger objects such as trees or wreaths to provide a rustic look.

Additionally, if you add wood, pine cones and some fabric, it will provide greater aesthetics and visual attention, since gold combines very well with these elements.

Metallic blue

Metallic blue, another color trend we mentioned previously, is back for this Christmas and it doesn't come alone. White and gold are also responsible for complementing it, but it will not be the only metal that will accompany it, the silver color will also be present in various decorative objects such as Christmas spheres.

This type of decoration will be ideal for spaces such as dining rooms or living rooms that want a more classic, elegant and sophisticated style.


This color should be used in light tones such as pastel or rosewood, as it will provide elegance, sweetness, joy and delicacy. This will go very well with gold and you can use it in small accents or in textiles such as tablecloths, with gold cutlery or napkins.


Adding this type of natural elements around a fireplace, stairs or as a centerpiece provides freshness and naturalness to the home.

If lighting is added, more original designs will be obtained.

White and gray ornaments

This trend is ideal for lovers of the Nordic style. So now you know, if you want to opt for a white Christmas, choose white and gray decorations.

Now that you have this information, which one will you wear this Christmas?

Author I Jimena Chávez

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