Vol. 78 The psychology of autumn colors

Vol. 78 La psicología de los colores otoñales

Can color change people's perception when they are in a room?

Color plays a very important role in interior design, not only because of the trends it generates, but also because of the reactions and influence of the mood that it causes in people.

Designing spaces with certain colors is a way in which you can transmit a style and express a non-verbal language. Therefore, in this week's blog we will talk about the sensations that this fall's colors provoke, depending on the use you give them.

Next, we will explain color psychology so that you can use this information in appropriate places and fulfill the desired function on the site.

  • Red or wine colors

These types of colors transmit passion and allow you to create environments that stand out. However, it is important that it be used sparingly to avoid too much visual attention.

You can apply it on a wall or on a cushion, mixing it with neutral tones and you will notice how they will complement each other.

  • Oranges and yellows

It will provide luminosity to a space, brings optimism, vitality and warmth. In addition, it enhances the furniture and decorations.

It is an ideal color to stimulate conversations or the exchange of ideas, you can consider it for your living room or the hallways to the bedrooms. However, remember not to overdo it, as it can make a room look smaller than it really is.

  • Green

This color reconnects them with nature and its freshness. Also, it promotes growth, efficiency, and stimulates feelings of peace and harmony.

Greens cause different sensations depending on their tone and intensity. Using warmer and softer colors during the fall that generate calm and warmth.

  • Whites

They will cause the spaces to look larger, pure, unified, clean, positive and peaceful.

This color looks good with absolutely everything, as it can complement a wide variety of colors.

  • Coffee

The warmth it gives off and its connection with nature such as tree bark and leaves, make this color one of the most recurrent for autumn, since it generates a cozy environment.

If this color is combined with some orange or creams, it will create a magnificent visual aesthetic.

Now that you have this information, are you ready to give your home an autumn touch?

Author I Jimena Chávez

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