Vol. 70 Absence Book.

Vol. 70 Libro Absence.

As mentioned in the previous blog, we will continue to talk in more depth about each textile book. This Friday's topic is about ABSENCE.

What does it mean? What do we mean by this word? And what does it mean? Well, later we will explain in detail.

ABSENCE means absence and precisely this name was selected because in this book there is no presence of color on any sheet, mostly the tones are dark, since it is made up of blacks, grays and navy blue. The simple fact that there are no such bright tones does not mean that they do not shine. On the contrary, this type of color will always generate accents in the environment, whether due to contrasts of light and shadow, light-dark or the ease with which they coordinate with other fabrics.

Also, the color black and other similar shades provide elegance, confidence, warmth and more uniform places.

If minimalist, monochromatic and gloomy spaces are your thing, the combination of these fabrics is definitely perfect for creating areas like these.

However, if you are one of those people who loves color, don't worry, because you can add yellows, oranges, reds, pinks or any color you want with these textiles and you will provoke visual attention and balance in the place.

If you don't know which range looks good with this book, we suggest combining dark grays with yellows, lighter grays with some pale pink, blacks with red or orange and blues with white, since these get along particularly well with ABSENCE.

 If what you are looking for is a classic room, areas that stand out, high contrasts of brightness and shadow, this book is definitely ideal for you.

 Do not hesitate to consult it and purchase any of ours from the catalogue.

Author I Jimena Chávez

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