Vol. 62 Metallics are back.

Vol. 62 Metálicos están de vuelta.

For that 2023/24 there will be specific colors that will highlight areas within a space, since the metallic colors that will be a boom for objects and finishes

This trend is more focused on people interested in product design, that is, interior, industrial and furniture designers.

Below we will present you some colors that will be in trend.

  • Neo Gold – Reflects the popularity of gold with a newer, more versatile and lighter shade, it is very similar to the champagne shade, giving it a softness that means it can be used in satin metallic finishes.

It will be used in some objects to give a touch or an accent to a space.

  • Lustrous Gold – The importance of evergreen metals remains key, with brass being used for longevity. This color goes more towards yellow tones and a matte finish is added to make it more elegant and sophisticated.

  • Green Gold: Green shades, especially lime shades , are on the rise thanks to their powerful connection to nature and technology. They also create a futuristic aesthetic.

This color mixed with gold looks very aesthetic.

  • Shimmering Metals: Add warmth and sophistication with Ginger Zinger, Astro Dust Shimmer, and Luxe Rust (they're coppery, rusty colors).

  • Pink and copper: The warm metallics of pink and copper give a feeling of luxury, elegance and sophistication. In addition, these are very versatile, since they can be used as a general neutral color or as an accent to give shine or a mirror effect.

  • White Silver – Premium evergreen metals of silver and chrome drive the product design in brighter white tones. They produce high gloss and mirror shine, enhancing the color level to brighter, whiter silver tones.
    That particular color looks great with leather, as they both stand out.

  • Digital Lavender: Embrace WGSN's 2023 Color of the Year in a metallic statement. Reflecting well-being, stability and serenity.

  • Galactic Cobalt – Solid shades, the rich, high-impact hue of Galactic Cobalt is a key color for A/W 23/24, driven by escapism and extended reality. It is a color that gives a lot of versatile dynamism (movement) and gives a satin shine.

  • Marine Glow: Colored metals and metallics reflect watery surfaces and marine-inspired tones. Additionally, combinations of these colors give a futuristic glow to interior products.

But why these colors, because people want their products to last, to have a long life and these colors highlight lasting quality.

Author | Jimena Chavez  

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."


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