Vol.53 "4 upholstery colors for spring"

Vol.53  "4 colores de tapicería para la primavera"

Just as in fashion, colors also change every season in interior design. Above all, if you are a person who is interested in adding seasonal touches of color, this blog is ideal for you.

Spring is ideal for adding bright and cheerful colors to our homes and leaving behind the neutral colors of winter to begin to give life to the home.

Below we will mention the colors that could be left.

pink stick

Many of us thought that this color was going to be temporary. But, it was quite the opposite, because being the sweetest color on the color wheel and very easy to combine, it is highly valued in the market.

This type of color goes very well with different shades of gray or black. However, if you add green or purple it will complement the space perfectly.

Green tones

Green symbolizes hope, optimism, harmony and progress, as well as nature.

This will be one of the colors that will have the greatest prominence in 2022 and can range from moss, forest or fern, lime and apple.

With so many shades to choose from, you can't go wrong when you add this pop of color. Whether it's a chair with dark emerald green accents that gives you a more classic and exclusive look, or a pale green sofa that gives you a soft and pleasant color to live in.

The range of blues

Blue is one of the most used colors in interior decoration. And in 2022, blue tones will also be a trend.

On the walls, fresh soft tones are used, for furniture the gray nuances are ideal if you are looking for something more, neutral, but offering a touch of color, if you want a more colorful essence, indigo, navy or navy will be a combination perfect.

Whites and creams

White is the new black Who doesn't love walking into a home full of beautiful white furniture?

In addition, it can be accentuated with any color on the color wheel and you will not get tired of it, since it is a clean, pure, elegant, bright and combinable color.

This creates that relaxed, natural and comfortable atmosphere that is sought in a house. But as you know, not all whites are the same, there are shades with yellow, beige or brown nuances that provide warmth.


It is a color that is associated with light, joy and prosperity and also creates positive and pleasant environments. It goes well with blues, purples, oranges and whites; with white lacquered furniture and almost all types of wood.

Author | Jimena Chavez

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