Vol. 38 The charm of Christmas in FORMATEX.

Vol. 38 El encanto de la navidad en FORMATEX.

Christmas is here, the dinners, celebrations and posadas began to arrive and of course we couldn't miss them.

One of the most anticipated moments of the year is the inn at FORMATEX. Just the weekend before, our annual casino-themed party took place.

The preparations, decorations, wrapping, food and gifts began to be prepared days in advance with the help of some members of our team and of course our main organizer Mónica Flores so that everything was ready for the big day.

For the company, this tradition is a time of fun, coexistence and, above all, gratitude. Not only because of the great effort and work we have done together, but also because of the achievements, objectives achieved, hopes and experiences we have lived through.

Before entering the warehouse, a personalized kit is given with a face mask, a tag with each person's name for the raffle, and three fake tickets to start playing.

At the beginning of the event, a dart and balloon competition was held to wait for more people to arrive. This consisted of clicking on these to obtain a prize, since inside each one there were pieces of paper that said what gift was obtained as a reward.

At the end of the activity, people began to enter the site, because as mentioned before, the celebration of the past end had a casino theme and was decorated with giant deck cards, a Las Vegas sign, lights, music and tables to play poker, 21 , Texas, roulette, liar, beaker, among others.

First, before starting to play, the casino staff explained how the game was carried out and the rules that had to be followed. Many changed tables to learn new ones and others repeated the same thing as many times as they wanted in order to get more tickets.

The hired casino employees constantly performed dynamic moves like Simon Says, challenges or throwing money in the air so that people would win more money.

Later, an auction was held with the money obtained from the previous games, since there were different prizes such as duvets, frying pans, dryers, suitcases, among others, for which people competed and wanted to obtain.

The competition began to become more and more difficult each time, but the laughter, applause and support from one teammate to another was always present.

Afterwards, the drawing for larger gifts was held.

They were taking out of a bucket the names of the cards of the kits that were given at the entrance. Of course, not all of us could win here, but we were very happy for the three winners and our good teammates.

To close our celebration, it ended with a speech from each partner and area manager to recognize and thank all the workers for their great dedication and annual effort, because due to this, teamwork, the company managed to strengthen and grow even more than the previous year.

Of course, there was no shortage of pantry and other Christmas details that our dear employees brought home.

We know that it was said several times at the event how grateful the company is to all its members. But still, we want to remind you how valuable each of you are and that without group performance and collaboration none of the goals achieved would be possible.

Therefore, we want to commemorate that special day and leave in writing a small memory of the coexistence, joy and enthusiasm experienced last week, in order to always have unforgettable moments like this in mind.

On behalf of the FORMATEX team, we also want to thank our clients for trusting us, since without them the achievements would not be possible either and recognize how important they are for the company.

For this reason, we wish a happy holiday season to everyone, users, staff and clients.

We hope to see you soon.

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