Vol. 32 Let's talk about outdoors.

Vol. 32 Hablemos de exteriores.

Outdoor fabrics must be much more resistant and durable than indoor ones, because they are constantly exposed to changes in temperature, insects, the sun, dirt, dust, humidity, among other things.

This is why certain fibers cannot be used for exterior surfaces, as they tend to wear out more.

Today, virtually all quality outdoor fabrics are weatherproof and can withstand outdoor exposure. The fibers par excellence that stand out are synthetic ones, especially acrylic, since it is durable, has great resistance to light and does not discolor in the sun.

In addition, it has a soft and pleasant touch, which is a point in its favor. Other synthetic fibers that are widely used and are a great option for the outside of your home are polypropylene and polyester, since they do not lose color with use, do not wrinkle, are not affected by humidity and are easy to clean.

Furthermore, it is very important to know for what purpose the fabric is to be used, since not all of it fulfills all the desired functions, that is, sometimes there are textiles that only serve to upholster an outdoor piece of furniture and there are others that are manufactured for cushions, umbrellas or curtains.

Likewise, the finishes are another factor to consider, because as mentioned before, this type of textiles are prone to wearing out more easily than others. For this reason, it is extremely important to analyze if it has water repellency, stain resistance, anti-mold or anti-bacteria, and if it has sizing and protection against UV rays so that it does not fade or deteriorate.

Below we will divide our categories according to the type of fabric and finishes for outdoor fabrics.

1.-Revolution Outdoor Fabric.

Within this category you can find different colors, textures, fabrics and finishes such as mold resistance, water repellency, stains, light fastness, among others.


Sea & Garden and Water Treatment are the ideal fabrics for making cushions. Since they are not only durable, but also have a softer and more cozy feel, perfect for the comfort of your guests.

For the care and better maintenance of the fabrics, we always recommend removing the residue, cleaning the stain with a little water and neutral soap, rinsing and letting it dry.

Another convenient recommendation is that in rainy weather they should be covered with a cover. Nothing will happen if they get wet, but it is better to avoid it.

In the case of cushions and pillows and also mats, it is a good idea to change them from time to time so that the natural aging process affects them equally everywhere.

Author | Jimena Chavez

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."


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