Vol.25 The importance of good lighting.

Vol.25 La importancia de una buena iluminación.

Do you know what the correct lighting is for that dream place?

Lighting is basic for interior design, since it plays a very important role in the design, as it can influence how each object and space within it looks.

Furthermore, lighting not only provides light to a place, but also generates warmth, highlights certain areas, furniture or decorations and even other factors such as attention, socialization and emotions intervene because there are both cold and warm lights and each of them It has a different function, color temperature and intensity.

Remember that it is extremely important to take into account both types of lighting, whether exterior or interior. For this reason, it is essential to dedicate enough time to lighting and consider where each light will go so that the space and decoration stand out, complement each other and are not affected or disturbing.

Before applying and determining which areas will have more light and which less, it is vital to know the types of lighting.

First is general lighting , which provides the vast majority of day-to-day light in any location. In other words, it is what is used every day to illuminate one or more areas so that one can see and continue with their normal activities.

Illustration 1: General lighting.

Then there is spot lighting , whose objective is to illuminate specific points or accentuate something in particular. An example would be table lamps used at night.

Illustration 2: Spot lighting.

Finally we have decorative lighting , made up of those elements that aim to provide aesthetic value to the space in question. For example suspension or wall lights.

Illustration 3: Decorative lighting.

If you want a space to stand out and have a more defined style, we recommend mixing several types of lighting to generate more contrast and balance.

Once you know each type of lighting, it is time to identify which area you want to work on. Therefore, a study must be carried out on the dimensions of the space, the location and size of the windows so that both lights, artificial and natural, complement each other instead of repelling.

Also, understanding what activity will be carried out in it is really relevant, since the indicated tone, intensity and type of light must be chosen so as not to affect or intervene in physical and emotional sensations. That is, in a sleeping room you need general lights, with medium intensity and warmer tones so that you can rest and relax. On the other hand, for an office or an office, cold lights are needed so that people are attentive, concentrated and perform better in work activities.

Illustration 4: Office lighting.

Using appropriate lighting can emphasize certain aspects of the decoration of each space, giving it personality, functionality, atmosphere and originality.

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Author | Jimena Chavez

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