Vol. 2 Do you know our categories?

Vol. 2 ¿Conoces nuestras categorías?
At FORMATEX we have different categories of fabrics for decoration and upholstery, to fit your needs. Since we are not only interested in being updated, but we are also interested in customer satisfaction when purchasing our products.
Below, we will present the different varieties that we have in our collection and talk about each of them in more detail.

Structured fabrics

It is a fabric whose structure has sufficient firmness to be applied to any required object. This is due to the type of fibers, thread, technology or finish given to it. In addition, they are very easy to identify because the threads of a fabric are visually noticeable as vertical lines (warp) and horizontal lines (weft) intertwined in an orderly manner in the form of a grid or diagonals. They are also one of the most common and most used due to their versatility, they give proportion to an object, as they can be used in upholstery, cushions, covers and even clothing. However, it all depends on the thickness, weight, ligament, texture and the weight is the use given to it, since they are generally rigid, resistant, do not fall, durable and do not generate wrinkles.

Structured fabrics


A piece of furniture like an armchair or a sofa is really important, especially since we spend a lot of time in it. Therefore, when selecting the fabric, it is important to consider its characteristics and use that will be given to it.

Microfibers are made of very fine fibers and are ideal for this type of objects inside an area, as they are wear-resistant, easy to wash, and combine style, quality and comfort. Of course, not to mention the similarity it has to suede, it simply has greater resistance and softness for a lower cost.

If you want an innovative, functional and aesthetic space, this synthetic fiber is ideal for you.

Upholstery fabric


If you want to give it a touch of elegance, a striking, lustrous appearance and a classic style, velvet is what you need to purchase. Today it is one of the most used fabrics to upholster dining chairs, armchairs, lounge chairs , among others.

It is a textured fabric, very soft, hairy, with a short pile and plush surface.

It is made up of a double weave, that is, the loom weaves two layers of fabric at the same time and is precisely very recognized because it can be made of any fiber, be it silk, rayon, polyester, acrylic or linen and despite this it gives the appearance or impression of being manufactured with a luxury material.


imitation leather

Also called synthetic leather or imitation leather. It is composed of synthetic fiber based on polyester, it is generally a very common material for making armchairs, sofas, cushions and even upholstering car or motorcycle seats, due to its durability and resistance, since marks or scratches are not visible. They are marked on the fabric. Unlike animal skin, imitation leather is easier to clean with the help of a damp cloth, lighter, pleasant to the touch and allows human skin to breathe when in contact with it.

If you are looking for a classic, elegant space that provides contrast, this material is definitely the right one for you. In our catalog you will see that we have both matte and glossy finishes, smooth or textured.

Imitation leather fabric

Our Smart collection (smart textiles) is divided into 3 main fabrics:

  • Revolution

If you worry a lot about making sure your sofa or dining room chair is always spotless. FORMATEX has the answer to your problem and it is called Revolution.
These fabrics have the latest technology and innovation, because any type of stain can be cleaned, whether it is pen or marker ink, any liquid, food, among others, simply using a little water, a cloth, soap and even chlorine, as it is not damaged when using this type of chemical and resists discoloration from UV rays.
Currently, this type of product is known as a stain-resistant upholstery fabric and its function is permanent.

Easy to clean fabric
  • Easy Clean

It is an innovative technology for protecting fabric, which allows you to easily remove stains from coffee, ketchup, ink, wine, whatever without destroying the fiber.

It is very easy to completely remove stains and dirt without leaving any record that an accident occurred due to a food or drink spill. Unlike the Revolution, you cannot apply chlorine to the dirty area in this one.

  • Water Repellent

This type of fabric has a functional finish, it is generally a chemical coating to prevent the fabric from absorbing any type of liquid, acting as a repellent and making it much easier to clean with the help of a cloth cloth.

This repellent layer or membrane is known as DWR ( Durably Water Repellency ). Plus, you can see how the water droplet is encapsulated instead of leaking out.


Water repellent fabric


Are you looking for cushions, upholstery, decorative curtains with geometric motifs to give a certain style to a space?

The print is the perfect solution, as it provides a modern and trendy style within interior design and decoration.

This is an elaborate printing process to obtain a complex design on fabric as the final result. Its function is to transmit visual information, give a touch of personality, texture and color to the textile so that it differentiates or complements plain fabrics. Of course, in addition to providing character, harmony and visual richness to your home, office or company.

Don't be afraid to use them, you will achieve a unique and unmatched atmosphere.



It is a fabric that follows complicated patterns or drawings, which are woven directly into it using the Jacquard loom system. Sometimes it can be printed on the fabric, but it is not as common.

It is a soft fabric to the touch, heavy and complex unlike other fabrics, it has brightness and contrasts in its patterns, it is durable and resistant.
Compared to others, it is more complex when it comes to washing, since it must be dry cleaned, you cannot use chlorine or a dryer.

It is ideal to be used in decoration for curtains, pillows, headboards or walls. Above all, if what you are looking for is to give quality, structure, rigidity, a large and embossed shape to your product.

At FORMATEX we have several patterns, such as flowers, geometric figures or more organic motifs. You can use them to upholster your furniture or even as cushions to give a touch of texture and design to your space.

Cushion fabric


It is important to take into account when obtaining a fabric, the use and the place where it will be assigned, since we must consider that, for outdoor spaces such as gardens, terraces or the beach, fabrics can deteriorate more when exposed. outdoor.

That is why different finishes are added to the fabrics and they are made with synthetic fibers so that they have greater resistance to weather conditions, durability and do not lose their visual appeal.

Below, we present the two types of fabrics that we handle in this category.

  • Sea & Garden

Composed of acrylic, it has great resistance, a wide variety of colors, and color fastness in terms of wet and dry rubbing and artificial light.

  • Water Treatment

Composed of acrylic, it has great resistance, has color variants, and color fastness in terms of wet and dry rubbing and artificial light. Like the other, functional finishes are added such as UV protection, anti-mold and bacteria protection, among others. Unlike the other, this one has a Laminated Backing so that water does not pass through.

Outdoor fabric


It is a popular fabric recognized for its common use, curtains. Thanks to its compact internal structure, different thicknesses are obtained and therefore also uses, whether functional or aesthetic, that is, to decorate a space or to prevent visibility or the entry of light into a place.

Among its main characteristics are resistance to abrasion, UV rays, durability and little wear and tear due to use; it is not so common for a fabric like this to fray. It is a very easy fabric to dye, which allows us to have a wide variety of colors.

You can wash it by hand, dry it or with any detergent, since it does not require as much care and maintains its original shape.

Remember, if you are looking for a versatile and durable fabric for your next textile project and you don't know which one to choose, Tergal will be the perfect option for you.

"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."

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