Blog 60 ¿Qué es el tweed?

Blog 60 What is tweed?

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Are you looking for a vintage but modern fabric?

You have come to the right place, because today we will talk about tweed, a very popular fabric that has been known for several decades.

In recent years it has been a textile used quite a bit, especially in fashion. However, this is being a trend in interior design these months.

But surely, many of you are wondering what tweed is or where it comes from. Don't worry, today we will talk about this topic and its uses.

Originally, this fabric comes from Scotland, it was made of wool and sewn with pieces of thick cloth. However, the fibers used have been modified, but the same thickness of the fabric continues to be maintained.

Tweed is known for providing little breathability, but it performs well when it comes to retaining heat. In addition, it is very resistant to being outdoors, absorbs moisture and is a durable, warm and comfortable fabric.

But what uses does it have?

You can find it both in fashion, in bags, pants, jackets, among others, and in interior design, in upholstery for sofas, armchairs and even in cushions, blankets and much more.

In this last year, Lana armchairs and sofas have been used quite a bit, as well as poufs, as it will give a cozy and comfortable touch to the place. It will also give a versatile and aesthetic touch to the place.

We have fabrics similar to this type of fabric and with various blends, be it linen, polyamide, polyester that create a textured and slightly striped appearance due to the yarn dyeing that is reminiscent of tweed.

Get to know them!

Author | Jimena Chavez

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