Vol.6 Did you know that... each fabric has a different application, use and care?

Vol.6 Sabías que... ¿cada tela tiene una aplicación, un uso y cuidado distinto?

Fabrics are used for four main issues, design, function, space and object. It is essential that there is a visual taste of both the creator and the viewer, the style and taste of the person is present in a place, but the most important thing is that they are always applied in a balanced way, proper use and care is given to are.

We refer to design as the essence, brand, footprint of a designer, artisan,
manufacturer or a decorator, since it defines an aesthetic or lifestyle style of the user, through decoration, adding a detail, accent, color contrast, a trend or innovation in a certain area where the textile will be applied to satisfy the needs. tastes and needs of this one.

Illustration 1: Decoration with textiles

On the other hand, the objective is a functional sense, lasting extension of life or practicality in the fabric such as a finish, material, construction, frequency of use, care and maintenance.

Space is the most appropriate process of choosing a fabric to apply it in an indoor or outdoor place in a proportional, balanced, intuitive and strategic way. It is very important that in this process you select a textile that meets the aesthetic and functional sense that you want to give to a certain area, that is, if you are looking for it to have a certain color, texture, light or material, just remember that it contains certain characteristics of use and finishes such as anti-pilling, flame retardant or resistance to sunlight to prolong the life of your product.

The object is the manufacturing or implementation that a fabric will have in a piece, it can be furniture, curtains, bedding, accessories, ceilings, walls or floors. For example, for a lobby that is more square you need furniture distributed symmetrically.

Unlike this, a work area or a hallway is important to add functional furniture such as comfortable chairs or armchairs so that people can use it while they wait or work. For a living room, dining room or a space of connection and circulation, we suggest furniture that generates contrast, different environments, but having harmony, since it generates attention and comfort to stay in that place.

The care and proper use of textiles involves many details that must be taken into account. For example, the labels and instructions of the manufacturer of a fabric or garment are crucial to ensure its perfect and indefinite condition. The main information that you should always note is the composition label, width, weight, finishes, uses and care.

Illustration 2: Uses and care.
Novelty, color and texture always attract. However, we cannot leave aside the composition and finishes of the fabric, since each one is used and has a different function.
For example, a velvet, despite being so attractive and trendy, would never be used in an outdoor object due to the composition, finish and care. They are special and will not fulfill the purpose you seek. Better get an acrylic fabric, like the ones we have in our catalog so that both you and your visitors can spend an unforgettable afternoon at the garden table.
Having all this information will be easier to implement and care for the textiles to obtain greater durability and performance.
Author | Jimena Chavez
"This information is for reference only, to obtain precise details about the use, qualities and care of our products, it is necessary to consult directly with your seller before making a purchase or receiving recommendations."

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